Working on My Racing Mods

I just did this the other day when I was playing around with a real racing 3 hack that I found on the web. I took the code apart and figured out how they did it and then I got into the skins that were used in the game. At first it looked really bad, but I figured if I played around with it long enough I could make it look pretty close to the way that my buddy Ike does. Of course I did not want it to look like Ike does for real, but instead it was a caricature of him with exaggerated features. It never came out the way I meant for it to look, but I got this really funny looking facsimile of him in the game. I was working on it way too long, but it was hilarious when he realized I was making fun of him.

Of course Ike has a sense of humor, but he was determined to get back at me. However it was not like he knew what I had done or how I had done it. In fact it had taken me a couple of weeks to work to learn enough to do this. I was just trying to learn how the game was made, because I would like to learn about game design. I figure that there are all sorts of jobs that you could do in the game design field. Of course being a real game creator is really hard, but there are a lot of different things that can be done in the industry. For instance if you beat a big game like Skyrim and you watch the credits they go on for five or ten minutes listing dozens and dozens of people, all of whom are making good money.

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