Where Can You Learn to Program Flash Games?

I have been toying around with the idea of learning to program in flash ever since I started playing web based games. At first I was just killing time in the library at junior high school. The librarian must have blocked the sites where I was going to play games like uphillrush5, which is a bicycle racing game. They are mostly very simple and crude, but it does not matter if you can have fun playing the game. I am going to be going to college in two years if I can get my grades straightened out and I would like to be a video game programmer. However you can not just start out making Skyrim or Call of Duty. I need to start learning how to program in Flash and visual basic. I guess my older brother says that Python is a good language to start out with.

At any rate I am trying to teach myself how to program in simple languages and I am looking for the best methods for this. It seems like I should be able to find free tutorials in flash programming available. Adobe has a lot of materials, but I am really broke and my parents will not let me get a job because they want me to focus on school. I need to have some more help than just reading about it on the web. Some real examples would help me out, because I am doing something wrong and so far I can not figure out what it is by myself. I do not think I need a tutor, but it would be great if I had someone who could just tell me what I am doing wrong. Right now I am working on ideas for my first game, but most of them are not great either.

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