We Signed Up to Get Our Home Phone Service Back

We all have cell phones, but I still like having a home phone line. About five or so times every year we need to send or receive faxes. If we go to the office supply store, it is two bucks a page. We have Frontier phone service and saving on annual faxes pays a good percentage of this low cost home phone lie service. It is nice to sit at my desk and talk on a phone that is plugged into a phone jack. One that does not have a battery that goes dead in the middle of a conversation.

I use the home phone number for all of our home business needs. It is not a published number, but we share it with the people we do business with from the gas company to the tax collectors. If the house phone rings during dinner, we ignore it. Our friends and family call our cell phones individually to talk to us. However, when I am at home I use the house number to call them.

Do you remember when each of us just had one phone number to be reached at? One that you could not take with you when you went out? I remember using call forwarding a few times when we would be over at the neighbor’s house watching a football game or playing games. The call to our house would ring at theirs. You had to remember to shut off the call forwarding when you got home, otherwise the neighbor would get all your calls!

I think we all gave up the home phone lines too quickly. Maybe they will make a comeback with the lower costs you can have them at now. I like it that I can use my antique phones on the house line. I currently have one of those 1970s style rotary phones on my desk. It still works just fine.

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