The Value of Torrenting Data

For many, Torrenting is a way of life. If you are unfamiliar with torrents, they are packets of data that are shared between multiple users who have downloaded a file (a movie, a song, a book and so on) and are actively sharing it across a network (such as This is often known as Peer to Peer sharing which has been the bane of the music and movie industries across the globe. The very presence of this technology has been such a thorn in their sides that they have challenged intellectual property laws, copyright laws and sued everyone from grandmothers to children in an effort to stop the flow of data being swapped between users. They never will be able to stop this type of sharing. In their archaic beliefs they feel that they should have control over all data that they see as belonging to them, despite the consumer buying a copy of that data.

They want to be able to create a centralize database in which they control everything which is impossible with the presence of the Internet. Due to this, they have pressured ISPs to crack down on individuals downloading torrents with data caps or even going as far as to cut their service all together. They have even forced ISPs to begin installing their own routers in customers homes in order to prevent the sharing of wireless Internet in hopes that other users won’t be tempted to access their neighbors wifi and ‘illegally’ download movies. It’s amusing, and sad, that with all the issues that we are facing in the world that these two industry giants would rather focus on the few who might be sharing their data (and thus promoting it for free) rather than help the world is a better way. Such is the American way.

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