The Scary Maze Game is a Blast

My family has had so much fun with the scary maze game over the past several months. My husband pulled this little prank on me for the first time and I about had a heart attack. I was so proud of how well I was doing working my way through the maze and then all of a sudden, YIKES! I fell out of my computer chair and hit the floor like a ton of bricks. After spending ten minutes on the floor in utter shock, I started laughing. It turned into a complete laugh attack. The kids heard the commotion and came into the room to see what was going on. I told them that their dad had shown me one of the funniest things on the computer after he showed me a new game he found.

We decided that we were going to show our kids exactly what it was that I thought was so funny. I set my oldest in the computer chair nice and close to the monitor. I told her that I could barely make it through the first level and I would be surprised if she could either. She got started and concentrated so hard. Then, just like before, YIKES! It sent her into the air screaming as if a monster had just grabbed her in a haunted house. It was absolutely hysterical.

We have continued pulling this prank on anyone that we think can handle a scare like that. We did make the mistake of doing it to my husband’s brother. He actually wet himself in fear. I did feel kind of badly about that one. I think that he felt much better about it after he did it to his wife.

This is one of those things that you just cannot stop doing to the people you love because it is just so hilarious.

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