Started Up Here at IPFW

I have finally gotten around to posting, it took me a good long time to get settled in up here at IPFW, or Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne. It is convenient for me because I can transfer to either one of the main campuses of those schools and I have a job here. It is just a part time job, but I wait tables at the sort of restaurant where you can make pretty good money on tips. I can afford a decent apartment with Fort Wayne frontier internet service because I make really good money off tips. This is the sort of restaurant where you would take the girl of your dreams to impress her or the place where you have to remember to get reservations a month in advance before you take the wife out for her birthday or your anniversary.

In other words the people I serve are expecting it to be special. You have to deliver something special if you want them to be happy. However if you have a happy customer you really want them to give you that fifteen percent tip. It is not every customer who does tip well, but some of the time you are talking about a huge dinner bill and if you get a tip it is going to be pretty nice. Of course the experience is the important thing. You have to be able to provide the service without intruding. It is an important occasion and your participation is both vital and best kept as far in the background as it can be. You can not be in the customer’s face, but you have to provide them with the help that they need to make it all work out the way it does in the romantic idea of the date.

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