I Want to Keep My Kids Safe

I know that some people think I am too strict with my kids. However, I call it love. I love my three children, and I will do anything to protect them. I am not trying to be their friend. I want to be their parent, their mentor, the one who looks out for them in this crazy world of ours. That is why I wanted to look at keylogger reviews before I would allow my oldest, who is twelve years old, to have her own laptop. Prior to this, the kids all used the family computer in the living room.

I understand that she is getting older and wants privacy. I also understand that she is still just a very young girl who is probably too trusting of others. I am not worried about her seeking out people who might want to cause her harm. I am worried about those people seeking her out though. That is why I want to protect her the best I can, and I will do the same to my other two children as well when they get older and can have their own computers.

I trust my daughter, but she does not have the experience to understand that not everyone is who they say they are. I explained to her about the rules on having her own laptop, and she completely accepts them. She knows that I will monitor her use, and she also knows that I will be looking at her detailed activity to make sure everything is aboveboard. She knows that I am doing this to protect her and not to be nosy about what she is doing. Other parents cry out when their kids get in unexpected trouble. I will too, if that does happen, but I am doing my all to make sure that it doesn’t!

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