Great Torrent Sites with Loads of Seeds

I am looking to download a few things off of the Internet, which is something that I do not do that often, and as such, id o not even have a program available to do so installed on my computer at this point in time. I want to find a good place to download things from on the web, and I am hoping that I will find something of use soon. I am looking at btjunkie right now as something that I might potentially use, but I have no experience with it, so I am going to need to learn a bit more about it first.

I have only used one such program for downloading stuff in the past, and I do not think that it still exists. That is because I have not been able to find it, despite doing a number of different internet searches. I guess that I should just be able to find something else, and it will work as well, if not better than the thing that I was using in the past. Regardless, I want to be able to find something to use that will have a lot of seeds available for the downloads that I want.

I have had problems before where I would try to download something, but nobody was really seeding the files that I needed. I really did not enjoy that experience, and I want to make sure that I find a site that will have a lot of seeds for the files that I need. I am not sure how easy that will be, but I guess that I will probably figure that out sooner or later. Probably sooner though, as I am currently trying to look for different sites, and also, as I have said, I am also looking at btjunkie right now.

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