Changing the Gaming Experience with Twitch

Twitch. It’s becoming the most popular source for streaming videos games around the globe; with their new enhancements made to the site, and with their partnerships being forged with streaming gamers, they are doing more for the industry than any mass media company to date. YouTube completely dropped the ball on this with their copywrite bot program. As soon as that bad boy hit the scenes, videos made by gamers were being pulled left and right to a massive outcry across the website! With Twitch, you can even find services where you can buy twitch viewers to help them enhance their revenue stream.

Twitch was smart. As soon as YouTube screwed things up for the other gamers, they were quick to start changing their features. They added easy to access sub links so you can subscribe to your favorite Twitch viewers. They added awesome HD capability and on top of it all, they’ve been working closely with PlayStation and Xbox to allow for the instant streaming ability right from the games without any preamble. That was always a pain trying to set up on a PS3; you’d have to actually record the game play which results in a lack of a real stream.

To be honest, I was surprised that I even got into this. I never thought that watching people play their video games could be so vastly entertaining. I suppose for some people, it’s sports like Baseball, basketball, Soccer and Football that draw them. For someone like me who has grown up playing video games over the years, it’s become watching other people play games. Watching someone with serious style and talent is a great experience but to watch it live and uncut is even better. Twitch has completely changed the way that we look at modern gaming.

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