Can You Believe What Clash of Clans Lead Me to Do?

I got into a game and had to get really competitive about it. I am not really a competitive person, especially when it comes to video and online games. However, I was challenged by someone I knew way back in grade school, and the kid in me came out full force. The old rivalries and other stuff came back like I was 10 again. This girl was my friend, but we always got on each others nerves. I spent a lot of late nights looking for and studying Clash of Clans tips so I could beat her at the game. I know, a guy should not be like that. Right? You know, I really can’t say for sure. We just kind of clash when it comes to competitive things.

I had lost touch with her for a few years when my parents moved away from our old neighborhood. I moved back to take a job at my dad’s old company he worked at before we moved to where the corporate headquarters are halfway across the country. She messaged me on social media, and the game was on so to speak. She invited me to play Clash of Clans with her. I was not into gaming at all at this point in my life. I read all of the Clash of Clans tips I could find, and got the upper hand in the game.

She said that for the first time I beat her fair and square. I had not heard that term since we were kids. We still play the game but we also spend a lot of time chatting online and on the phone now. And, as you can probably guess, we have met in person for dinners, movies, walks in the park and now I am looking for ring. Amazing how stuff changes and yet remains the same.

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