Buy Twitch Views to Get Noticed Right Away

I got my first advanced game console before I was even a teenager. I took a liking to a specific game series. I got pretty good at it. Friends even asked to pay me for lessons on how to play better. I just wanted to play rather than teach others how to do it. Then the software became available to show an inset video of you playing the game over the actual game images you see as you play it. These got really popular on social media. So much so that I now buy Twitch views to boost my own videos showing me playing the game.

I play and do a little commentary. It is part instructional as well as humorous. I even talk about stuff I do other than play video games. I do not want people thinking all I do is sit at a console and play a game over and over again. I got some comments from kids telling me that I actually get them to go outside more than they would have had they thought I just sit in my room and play for hours at a time. I told them that you can be good and still do a lot of other things.

I buy Twitch views because they are the site that hosts my game play videos. I even have live segments that get a lot of viewers now. It was not like that in the beginning. I was just another player. I had to show I was worth taking a look at. In order to do that I needed views. But how do you get views unless you are already proven to be interesting enough to be worth a view? Sort of a catch twenty-two situation eh? Well, that is why I buy Twitch views. It gets my numbers up so I get noticed right away.

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