I Want to Keep My Kids Safe

I know that some people think I am too strict with my kids. However, I call it love. I love my three children, and I will do anything to protect them. I am not trying to be their friend. I want to be their parent, their mentor, the one who looks out for them in this crazy world of ours. That is why I wanted to look at keylogger reviews before I would allow my oldest, who is twelve years old, to have her own laptop. Prior to this, the kids all used the family computer in the living room.

I understand that she is getting older and wants privacy. I also understand that she is still just a very young girl who is probably too trusting of others. I am not worried about her seeking out people who might want to cause her harm. Continue reading

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Playing Games to Pass the Time

When I moved to where I live now, I never realized how hard it would be to make friends. Most of the people living in the apartment complex I live in are either married or elderly, or both! I have never liked being the odd girl out, so I tend to stay in my apartment after I am done working. Sometimes, I will watch TV or read a book, and sometimes I will find a cool app like the one that I found the other day. Created by Prographo mobile developers, it is a word game app, which is one of my favorites.

I do tend to be a word geek at times, so finding a game like the anagram game they created is right up my alley. It is very simple to play, as there is just one puzzle per day. Continue reading

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We Signed Up to Get Our Home Phone Service Back

We all have cell phones, but I still like having a home phone line. About five or so times every year we need to send or receive faxes. If we go to the office supply store, it is two bucks a page. We have Frontier phone service and saving on annual faxes pays a good percentage of this low cost home phone lie service. It is nice to sit at my desk and talk on a phone that is plugged into a phone jack. One that does not have a battery that goes dead in the middle of a conversation.

I use the home phone number for all of our home business needs. Continue reading

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Wrong Answers Needed in Trivia and Puzzle Apps Make Hacks and Cheats Necessary to Move Ahead

Have you ever played a trivia game or even one of those puzzle games where you cannot move ahead without winning a level? You might get stuck on one level by not being able to find the answer to a single question or puzzle. I got stuck on one and not even friends or relatives were helpful in getting the answer I needed. I wanted to keep playing the game, but I was frustrated playing the same level over and over. I went to http://gettriviacrackcheats.com to find a way to just move on in the game.

I don’t like to cheat in a game, but one thing I have noticed is that not all apps and games are made perfectly. I have had some trivia games actually require an answer that was incorrect. If I put in the right answer, it would not move ahead. I had to choose a popular yet erroneous answer to move ahead in the game. So, based on inherent game errors caused by the developers and programmers of the games, I do not worry about finding and using a hack or cheat to jump ahead. I’m not playing for money or awards or even a position on a leaderboard. Continue reading

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Can You Believe What Clash of Clans Lead Me to Do?

I got into a game and had to get really competitive about it. I am not really a competitive person, especially when it comes to video and online games. However, I was challenged by someone I knew way back in grade school, and the kid in me came out full force. The old rivalries and other stuff came back like I was 10 again. This girl was my friend, but we always got on each others nerves. I spent a lot of late nights looking for and studying Clash of Clans tips so I could beat her at the game. I know, a guy should not be like that. Right? You know, I really can’t say for sure. We just kind of clash when it comes to competitive things.

I had lost touch with her for a few years when my parents moved away from our old neighborhood. I moved back to take a job at my dad’s old company he worked at before we moved to where the corporate headquarters are halfway across the country. She messaged me on social media, and the game was on so to speak. She invited me to play Clash of Clans with her. I was not into gaming at all at this point in my life. I read all of the Clash of Clans tips I could find, and got the upper hand in the game.

She said that for the first time I beat her fair and square. I had not heard that term since we were kids. We still play the game but we also spend a lot of time chatting online and on the phone now. And, as you can probably guess, we have met in person for dinners, movies, walks in the park and now I am looking for ring. Amazing how stuff changes and yet remains the same.

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Get Great High Speed Internet

It is good to know that there is plenty of Frontier Internet availability. When it comes to the Internet, it is basically a tool that it is almost impossible to live without. Regardless of what age a person may be, the Internet is something that the majority of humankind uses on a daily basis in order to do very important things. Many people do the majority of their work on the Internet, and because of that without the Internet they would have no source of income. Other people use the Internet daily to do things such as make very important purchases, call friends, look at pictures, get ideas for cooking, and etc. Regardless of what the reason maybe for a person’s use of the Internet, it is very clear that the Internet is something that most people use regularly. Continue reading

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Started Up Here at IPFW

I have finally gotten around to posting, it took me a good long time to get settled in up here at IPFW, or Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne. It is convenient for me because I can transfer to either one of the main campuses of those schools and I have a job here. It is just a part time job, but I wait tables at the sort of restaurant where you can make pretty good money on tips. I can afford a decent apartment with Fort Wayne frontier internet service because I make really good money off tips. This is the sort of restaurant where you would take the girl of your dreams to impress her or the place where you have to remember to get reservations a month in advance before you take the wife out for her birthday or your anniversary.

In other words the people I serve are expecting it to be special. You have to deliver something special if you want them to be happy. However if you have a happy customer you really want them to give you that fifteen percent tip. It is not every customer who does tip well, but some of the time you are talking about a huge dinner bill and if you get a tip it is going to be pretty nice. Of course the experience is the important thing. You have to be able to provide the service without intruding. It is an important occasion and your participation is both vital and best kept as far in the background as it can be. You can not be in the customer’s face, but you have to provide them with the help that they need to make it all work out the way it does in the romantic idea of the date.

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Changing the Gaming Experience with Twitch

Twitch. It’s becoming the most popular source for streaming videos games around the globe; with their new enhancements made to the site, and with their partnerships being forged with streaming gamers, they are doing more for the industry than any mass media company to date. YouTube completely dropped the ball on this with their copywrite bot program. As soon as that bad boy hit the scenes, videos made by gamers were being pulled left and right to a massive outcry across the website! With Twitch, you can even find services where you can buy twitch viewers to help them enhance their revenue stream.

Twitch was smart. Continue reading

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Cheats for Real Racing 3 Games

I am going to try to try to find a download Real Racing 3 hack because my son is obsessed with the game, but it is too hard for him. As such, he gets really upset, and throws fits, and is generally unpleasant to be around. I am trying to get a cheat that will make the game easier, so that he can play it, and not have such a hard time with the game. I am tired of listening to him complain about the game, and he keeps asking me to play it for him, which doesn’t even make sense to me.

But I guess that my main problem is that I don’t have the time to play the game for him. It is just not something that will fit into my schedule at all. Continue reading

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Working on My Racing Mods

I just did this the other day when I was playing around with a real racing 3 hack that I found on the web. I took the code apart and figured out how they did it and then I got into the skins that were used in the game. At first it looked really bad, but I figured if I played around with it long enough I could make it look pretty close to the way that my buddy Ike does. Of course I did not want it to look like Ike does for real, but instead it was a caricature of him with exaggerated features. It never came out the way I meant for it to look, but I got this really funny looking facsimile of him in the game. Continue reading

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Buy Twitch Views to Get Noticed Right Away

I got my first advanced game console before I was even a teenager. I took a liking to a specific game series. I got pretty good at it. Friends even asked to pay me for lessons on how to play better. I just wanted to play rather than teach others how to do it. Then the software became available to show an inset video of you playing the game over the actual game images you see as you play it. These got really popular on social media. So much so that I now buy Twitch views to boost my own videos showing me playing the game.

I play and do a little commentary. It is part instructional as well as humorous. I even talk about stuff I do other than play video games. Continue reading

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The Value of Torrenting Data

For many, Torrenting is a way of life. If you are unfamiliar with torrents, they are packets of data that are shared between multiple users who have downloaded a file (a movie, a song, a book and so on) and are actively sharing it across a network (such as http://en-torrentz.com). This is often known as Peer to Peer sharing which has been the bane of the music and movie industries across the globe. The very presence of this technology has been such a thorn in their sides that they have challenged intellectual property laws, copyright laws and sued everyone from grandmothers to children in an effort to stop the flow of data being swapped between users. They never will be able to stop this type of sharing. In their archaic beliefs they feel that they should have control over all data that they see as belonging to them, despite the consumer buying a copy of that data. Continue reading

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Just Look a Little Deeper

If you are looking for photo scanning software reviews than you are in luck because there have recently been an influx of people buying this photo scanning software, so of course when something becomes popular there tend to be more reviews online about it and it is far enough into its popularity for there to be a good assortment of reviews on basically every one of the options that you could have. This is great because as we know sometimes products just do not work and it is good to see which ones seem to have that problem before you spend the ninety dollars buying one. I know that I bought a tv once that broke down in the first month, of course it had no warranty so what could I do. Continue reading

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Great Torrent Sites with Loads of Seeds

I am looking to download a few things off of the Internet, which is something that I do not do that often, and as such, id o not even have a program available to do so installed on my computer at this point in time. I want to find a good place to download things from on the web, and I am hoping that I will find something of use soon. I am looking at btjunkie right now as something that I might potentially use, but I have no experience with it, so I am going to need to learn a bit more about it first.

I have only used one such program for downloading stuff in the past, and I do not think that it still exists. That is because I have not been able to find it, despite doing a number of different internet searches. Continue reading

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Roblox Hacks and Ways to Get More Tickets

Roblox hacks is a name that’s used in the roblox community. For some, this term is a bad word and they do not want to see what happens when it occurs. This term is derived from what happens when a user on the inside or the outside of the roblox community decides to hack into the site. While most people may not understand the purpose of hacking it, others tend to believe the purpose is to steal more tickets or cause discourse amongst the community when they lose a game. Whatever the situation, site owners usually place security measures in place to keep this from happening over and over again.

Roblox is a game that online users like to get involved because they can accesss the game anytime that they have free time. Continue reading

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My Kids Needed a Faster Connection

When I decided to homeschool my children, I knew that I was going to have to make some changes. I was more than willing to do that though, because I felt that they were not getting a proper education in the public school they attended. We have always had Internet connection at home, but it was very sluggish. I was able to find all the information I needed to know that I was going to upgrade to DSL after reading about the benefits of it on http://cheapdslinternetserviceproviders.com.

I would have made the switch a lot sooner, but we did not use the Internet for a lot at home. I also thought that it would be a major expense, so I was surprised to find out that I would not be paying that much more for superior service. Continue reading

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The Scary Maze Game is a Blast

My family has had so much fun with the scary maze game over the past several months. My husband pulled this little prank on me for the first time and I about had a heart attack. I was so proud of how well I was doing working my way through the maze and then all of a sudden, YIKES! I fell out of my computer chair and hit the floor like a ton of bricks. After spending ten minutes on the floor in utter shock, I started laughing. It turned into a complete laugh attack. The kids heard the commotion and came into the room to see what was going on. I told them that their dad had shown me one of the funniest things on the computer after he showed me a new game he found.

We decided that we were going to show our kids exactly what it was that I thought was so funny. I set my oldest in the computer chair nice and close to the monitor. I told her that I could barely make it through the first level and I would be surprised if she could either. She got started and concentrated so hard. Then, just like before, YIKES! It sent her into the air screaming as if a monster had just grabbed her in a haunted house. It was absolutely hysterical.

We have continued pulling this prank on anyone that we think can handle a scare like that. We did make the mistake of doing it to my husband’s brother. He actually wet himself in fear. I did feel kind of badly about that one. I think that he felt much better about it after he did it to his wife.

This is one of those things that you just cannot stop doing to the people you love because it is just so hilarious.

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Playing Bubble Breaker on Different Devices

There are a lot of games that you can play online right now and quite a few are also becoming available to play on your iPad or Android tablet as well. This is one of the best ways to use your tablet and so it is not surprising to see many games, both classic and new, become popular with many. Bubble breaker is one of the classic video games that has new interest because of its wide availability. It is a game that is easy to learn and feels easy to play but you get caught up playing in a strangely addictive way and you are hooked and playing it several times a day.

Games such as Bubble Breaker are great fun and they are low pressure. Continue reading

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Finding Free Online Games to Enjoy

skull kid 2. However, finding the best games to play can be difficult to say the least, especially since there are so many titles out there. Players often have to wade through a number of uninteresting games to find the ones that they like the best. Keep these tips in mind to help make your search go a little quicker.

User reviews are your best friend. Continue reading

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Where Can You Learn to Program Flash Games?

I have been toying around with the idea of learning to program in flash ever since I started playing web based games. At first I was just killing time in the library at junior high school. The librarian must have blocked the sites where I was going to play games like uphillrush5, which is a bicycle racing game. They are mostly very simple and crude, but it does not matter if you can have fun playing the game. I am going to be going to college in two years if I can get my grades straightened out and I would like to be a video game programmer. However you can not just start out making Skyrim or Call of Duty. I need to start learning how to program in Flash and visual basic. Continue reading

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